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Okay, so I’ve totally been slackin’ on the bloggin’. So Happy 4th to you all and Happy Birthday to Noah Hagen!!!! Here’s a little update on the progress at my house. We are about 97% done. I even bought some new decor for our spare bedroom! Currently the shower has half of one wall tiled – the kitchen is completed with the exception of the backsplash being grouted and outlet covers put on. So once shower is tiled/grouted and backsplash is grouted – I will have to have a shower door made and then – it will be done. Here’s some pics of the progress.2013-06-30 09.22.43

2013-06-30 09.23.26

2013-06-30 09.23.34

2013-06-30 09.23.50

2013-06-30 09.22.01

2013-06-30 09.22.11

2013-06-30 09.22.26