The final stages of the remodel – woot!woot!






We are soooo close to be finished with the main floor – I can almost taste it 🙂
You can see from the photos how far we’ve come – We have the following left:
Grout the shower
Put trim up in the bathroom and do the fine tuning of caulking and such
Have a glass door made


Everything else is done 🙂


Huge SHOUT OUT to my brother for his awesome skills. Also to Mike Liebold who made my mirror, and all my shelves – love them.


Here are the pics:

DSC02897 DSC02984 DSC02983 DSC02982 DSC02981 DSC02980 DSC02979 DSC02978 DSC02977 DSC02976 DSC02975 DSC02974 DSC02973 DSC02927 DSC02925 DSC02924 DSC02915 DSC02914 DSC02913 DSC02912 DSC02909 DSC02906 DSC02905 DSC02904 DSC02902 DSC02900 DSC02898


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