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The Sniffer


Three smells I’ve never been especially fond of, like actually would make me turn my nose up when I got a whiff. Used coffee grounds…like a few days old in your garbage, musty limestone or cinder block basements and Copenhagen.

Isn’t it crazy how the aroma pleasant or not can take  you back? My Grandma Violet would throw her used coffee grounds in an old metal Folgers can on the kitchen counter. I don’t think she cleaned it out or emptied it daily – maybe every few days. Yuck! is what I thought whenever I walked by that Folgers can in the kitchen. Over the past few months I’ve noticed when my garbage under my cabinet doesn’t get emptied daily – that when I open the cabinet door I get a whiff of that used two day old coffee ground smell. I still don’t enjoy that aroma but instead of turning my nose up I actually smile and am taken back to my Grandma and Grandpa Martin’s kitchen with those nasty coffee grounds, the birds in their cage by the window and my Grandma and Grandpa and even Great Grandma Cooperider sitting at the kitchen table….crazy I know, but that’s what happens to me when I smell two day old used coffee grounds. I guess I’m lucky.

Last week I showed a house in Keystone, when I went down the basement it hit me and I smiled real big. It was awesome. The odor sent me way back to 911 8th Ave Belle Plaine, Granny’s house. That basement at her house would’ve benefited greatly from a dehumidifier. It had that damp, musty smell – I really didn’t like going down there and I don’t know why I ever did. I kind of remember a pool table being down there…but not really sure. I do know that to get to her basement you’d have to walk through her utility room and that smelled like geraniums, dirt and old coffee cans – but for good reason. In the winter that is where she kept her geraniums. I never was annoyed by that odor growing up – it was just something that existed in my world. Today – I love the smell of geraniums. Anyway, back to the mustiness…not a pleasant smell at all – but sure made me smile last weekend when I got to experience it again.

Copenhagen…ugh. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck! I absolutely detest the fact that my husband chews this stuff. I can’t stand the smell of it AT ALL. However, every now and then when I get a whiff of it – it smells just like my Grandpa Martin, he was a Copenhagen chewer from way back…a messy one too, it was always on his shirts. I didn’t like the smell of it back then, I think it is clear that I still don’t but when something reminds you of something you miss its hard not to smile. (I prefer Chuck not know of this at all of course – I’d really like him to quit that nasty habit.)

Oh one more thing…The Lion Bridge Brewery smells just like McElroy’s (my God Parents) dairy building – I think the room the milk was stored in.

Have a great weekend!


A New Addition to the Monnahan Family!


I have got to start blogging more. No, really I do. Check out the date on the last post.

Not many people know this but in September Chuck and my little Macey (Dog) passed away. She was 16, while her passing was difficult – I am so thankful that she lived a long full happy life. I found myself being envious of her daily – she had the best dog parents EVER. I had to remind myself not to feel sad for myself that I didn’t have her around anymore – I should feel blessed that we had her for 16 long years.

I missed the awesome energy that a dog radiates….our house went two dogs for years, then to one and then none….ugh, it sucked. Sorry to be blunt – but it did. It took some convincing (pleading) with Chuck to agree to adding a puppy to the home…but with perseverance I prevailed.

So about two weeks ago we brought a new puppy into our home and I can’t hide her cuteness anymore, she has been a true blessing – Here’s June

Fun Little Video of June

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Know this, I completely forgot what it was like to have a puppy in the house. Thank goodness she is cute and fun – that totally trumps all the craziness a puppy brings to a home.

And…..very soon we will be adding another puppy to our family – Johnny

The breeder just sent me this

Moral of the story – If you don’t see the Monnahans this winter it is because our dogs are holding us captive.