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Happy Dad’s Day!

Okay – I’m going to preface this with: Dad, I love you very much but your garage is just not the norm when it comes to the article I’m posting about. So please don’t be disappointed that your garage is not getting a overahaul. Love you! (fyi – for those of you that don’t know, my Dad’s garage is 40′ x 120’….overwhelming, I know)

It’s Father’s Day this weekend and if you are like me – you never know what to get your parent’s on days dedicated to them. It seems like we all have way more than we need as a society anyway so getting creative with our gift giving is wise. I have a great idea after reading the article that I’ve linked below – maybe your Dad would love a little “garage makeover”. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the ideas in the article but a nice de-cluttering, sweeping out and maybe (if room allows) a chair or two to sit down and take a break once and awhile would be nice. Some simple ideas I have are: add a framed pic of the family, maybe even a calendar with family photos or a flag supporting his favorite sports team or NASCAR driver. What about a water cooler – who wouldn’t love that in the garage? When I show houses one of the things that always gets me is the awful lighting – maybe Dad just needs some brighter light bulbs. I saw (at Theissens) some real cool laser parking guides once too. You know your Dad better than anyone – so use your imagination but I bet he’d appreciate a family garage clean up day! Happy Dad’s Day to ALL!