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My current place of solitude….


I’m going to just say it “I have the best brother in the world” my kitchen and bathroom are going to be amazing and well worth the wait and attention to detail.  I am also going to say this – today the only place in my home where I can escape the construction is my home office – it is painted, lighting and window coverings hung and is just waiting on “me” to find the right piece to hang above the desk – otherwise it is a complete reflection of  the person that works there 🙂 with sea glass I’ve collected from my favorite little island, photos that remind me of great times and of course the nucleus of it all my desk sitting perfectly so I have a view of the Rose of Sharon in my neighbor’s yard. I may also have a framed shot of Adam Levine’s Prostate Cancer Awareness photo shoot….maybe 🙂

Check out my new lighting …LOVE!

2013-04-25 20.56.58

I don’t want to forget to let you see where the remodeling progress is…drywall

2013-04-22 08.37.31 2013-04-22 08.37.38 2013-04-22 08.37.59 2013-04-22 08.37.27


Its the little things…


The plumbing is done – all new plumbing, cut all the old plumbing out and put a maniblock system in with the plastic tube lines – Chuck is over the moon happy! Happy Anniversary Babe! We also have the electrical all wired in the bathroom and a well up for the end of the shower – it is taking shape!

2013-04-17 20.51.44

Progress is made



2013-04-03 12.44.24 2013-04-03 13.57.11

Above is where the cabinet was in the dining rom



Holy DUST!!! We survived it though!

2013-04-03 12.44.34 2013-04-04 07.31.30 2013-04-04 07.31.19 2013-04-04 07.31.56

Notice the plastic? Layer upon layer on every doorway – trying to keep all the dust contained – doing a great job too – it just looks like we are living on the movie set of ET – plastic tunnels everywhere!

2013-04-04 16.43.11 2013-04-05 07.28.49

The Coutner Fitters will be here this week to measure – I don’t want to disappoint anyone but I’m getting new counter tops – but not a new style. I happen to love my counter tops – haven’t been tired of looking at them since we put them in 14 years ago. Granite and Quartz would be nice – but so would a vacation after all of this – so I’ll save my $ and get what I know I will love.


2013-04-07 10.16.03 2013-04-11 19.01.41 2013-04-11 19.02.03


The bathroom window was a point of contention with me and my contractor aka my brother Chad. The window had to go for the shower and he thought it would be okay to not have a window in the bathroom…uh NO, a window is a must for me so I settled on a smaller window.

2013-04-11 19.02.21 2013-04-13 15.07.09 2013-04-13 15.07.56


I will bring you up to speed with the new window installation and the new kitchen window installation.




Chuck asked me to keep a log of the progress – we did this with the tiki hut about 6 years ago – I think it makes him feel like we are making progress when he feels like we aren’t. I figured the best place to keep a log was my blog – since I haven’t blogged in a year anyway – maybe this would get me back into the habit…we’ll see.

So I’m curious….how many of you have lived through a remodel? I don’t mean actually survived – I mean lived in the house while it was being remodeled? I remember when my brother and his wife remodeled their home they moved into my sister’s basement. Mine is not that extreme however but it is a bit cumbersome – but since it is just Chuck, Macey and myself – we can handle having things misplaced a bit. I think Macey loves the temporary location of her food and water – right next to her dog bed.

The project began over a year ago when my brother (Chad) brought up the idea that we needed a new shower in the basement.  Not a bad idea considering we’ve lived here for 14 years and shower in the basement – not fun in the winter when it is cold! That idea evolved into we really need a new bathroom on the main floor and hey, while were at it lets open the wall from the kitchen to the dining room and add pantry like cabinets to our back porch. So needless to say it takes time to save money up to do a project like that. So the day the actual physical labor began was April 2nd, 2013 – no turning back at that point. I will post some before pics now and then progress pics for your viewing pleasure.

Back Porch

This will soon be gone and have cabinets installed – this will come in very handy since I’m losing some kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen Kitchen

The upper cabinets to the right of the sink all way way to the dining room doorway will be gone (except the glass door cabinets at the top)



Dining Room Dining Room Office???????????????????????????????

See the glass front cabinet to the right of the kitchen doorway – that whole wall starting at 36″ from the floor – will be gone!


The bathroom…oh the bathroom. It is actually one of my favorite rooms in the house – but it’s going! Where the tub is now will be a shower, where the dresser is on the right will be the location of the new vanity (36″ vanity – that’s an upgrade!) and where the 21″ vanity is – that will have upper and lower cabinets for linen storage.


Along with the remodel project the whole main floor of our house is getting re-painted – something on the to-do list since 2008 – I knew we’d get around to it someday. So the rooms below will all look different very soon.

??????????????????????????????? Living RoomBedroom

Stay tuned….